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What are the Effective Types of Foot Massage?

What are the Effective Types of Foot Massage?

Types of foot massage

Massaging and rubbing your feet with different techniques is an ancient way of getting relief from pain. Muscles and tissues of your body loosen and get relaxed with such therapy. Moreover, people of different places invent and practice different physical therapies. Furthermore, your body needs attention and care. There are multiple types of foot massage available.

What is the foot massage?

Feet are your best servant because they take you anywhere you want. They also assist you in your daily chores. Furthermore, happy feet mean happy you. Foot massage means applying pressure and rubbing your feet with your hands or with massage devices. Massage will soothe our feet, decrease stress, and give us a comfortable life journey. 


People all over the globe adopt this method of pain relief due to different medical and psychological benefits such as

  • Increase the flow of blood and oxygen
  • Reduce the muscular pain
  • Decrease the duration of rehabilitation 
  • Cure for anxiety and depression 
  • Good for combats edema 

Types of foot massage:

There are multiple foot massages available in the market. You need to select the massage that best suits your demand. 

Reflexology foot massage:

Reflexology is a massage of varying proportions, involving applying pressure on the feet, hands, and ears. It is a hypothesis that certain components of the body are related to bodily systems and organs. Furthermore, Reflexologists think there is a range of health benefits to applying pressure to these areas. The touch of a reflexologist can assist in calming the central nervous system, Moreover, it promotes relaxation and other advantages as other types of foot massage.

Swedish foot massage:

Swedish massage is one of the most frequent and efficient foot massage therapy. A magnificent mix of mild to steady gliding strokes, coupled with the extension and the range of joints. Furthermore, it promotes complete relaxation and release of muscular stress. Furthermore, people recovering from any muscle injury find these types of foot massage therapies useful. Controlled studies have extensively investigated and verified the effects and advantages of a Swedish massage. Research conducted at the Touch Research Institute at the University of Miami Medical School and the International Neuroscience Journal indicates that serotonin, dopamine, and oxytocin enhance massage of 45 minutes that assist balance and boost moods.

Thai foot therapy:

This foot massage therapy is entirely different from other types of foot massage. In this massage, the massager puts the pressure with his/her thumb, finger, and elbow on the specific area. Furthermore, each point is pressed 5-10 minutes and repeat five times. This type of massaging increases the circulation of blood in the body and enhance the sensation of the bottom feet. In addition, diabetic patients often feel relax and happy with this massage technique. 

Sports therapy:

Sports massage is like deep massage therapy. This massage therapy includes different strokes and glides. Moreover, it treats stiffness of muscles and injuries as well. Athletes often like this massage because it will provide flexibility. Furthermore, the chance of injuries goes down after this massage therapy. Chronic pains can also cure with this therapy.

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Neuromuscular foot massage therapy:

Massage treatment with neuromuscular tissue is a kind of massage to reduce chronic muscle and nervous system diseases and difficulties. It is used mostly to treat trigger points, circulation, compression of the nerves, postural issues, or repeat movement accidents. The purpose of a neuromuscular massage is to directly relax and relieve your discomfort.



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