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6 Best Portable Massage Tables – (Reviews & Guide 2020)

6 Best Portable Massage Tables – (Reviews & Guide 2020)

Portable massage tables allow you to take your set of skills to the customers’ home or business instead of waiting for them to visit your location. They offer you the chance to expand your company without investing in a new homemade and without bringing clients to your property.

In the subsequent article, we examine the best portable massage tables accessible in 2020. Further, in the guide, we explain how each of the massage table features can influence your and your clients’ massage experience, and also the way to get the right version for your company.

We’re certain that after studying our portable massage table testimonials and the comprehensive purchasing guide we prepared, you’re going to be able to make an informed decision on what is the right model for your clinic.


Sierra Comfort All-Inclusive Portable Massage Table

  • Price: $$
  • Dimensions : 72 x 28 x 33″
  • Weight : 37 pounds
  • Max Weight : 450 lbs
  • Material : Hardwood
  • Cushioning Thickness : 2.5”

Saloniture Professional Portable Massage Table

  • Price : $$$
  • Dimensions : 72 x 28 x 35.5″
  • Weight : 30 pounds
  • Max Weight : 450 lbs
  • Material : Hardwood
  • Cushioning Thickness : 2.5”

EARTHLITE Harmony DX Portable Massage Table Package

  • Price : $$$$$
  • Dimensions : 73 x 30 x 33″
  • Weight : 33 pounds
  • Max Weight : 600 lbs
  • Material : Hard Maple
  • Cushioning Thickness : 2.5”

Master Massage Balboa Pro Portable Massage Table

  • Price : $$$$
  • Dimensions : 73 x 30 x 34″
  • Weight : 33 pounds
  • Max Weight : 650 lbs
  • Material : Hardwood
  • Cushioning Thickness : 2.5”

EARTHLITE Avalon Portable Massage Table

  • Price : $$$$$
  • Dimensions : 73 x 30 x 33″
  • Weight : 34 pounds
  • Max Weight : 750 lbs
  • Material : Hardwood
  • Cushioning Thickness : 2.75”

BestMassage Burgundy Premium Portable Massage Table

  • Price: $
  • Dimensions : 74 x 33 x 28″
  • Weight : 38 pounds
  • Max Weight : 350 lbs
  • Material : Hardwood
  • Cushioning Thickness : 2.75”

Best Portable Massage Table Reviews (Updated List)

1. Sierra Comfort All-Inclusive Portable Massage Table

Sierra-Comfort-All-Inclusive-Portable-Massage-TableSierra Comfort All-Inclusive Portable Massage TableThe Sierra Comfort All-inclusive is a very effective massage table, despite its low price. This version is made out of beech hardwood, and it’s very durable and stable throughout the massage session.A fantastic thing about this version is that it comes in a cheap cost.

This makes the All-inclusive the go-to merchandise for people who are only starting to learn different massage methods, such as massage or students fans.Overall, this model still manages to offer a comfortable massage experience although it comes at a inexpensive price.  The massage table includes helpful accessories, which means you won’t have to spend money on them.

2. Saloniture Professional Portable Massage Table

Saloniture-Professional-Portable-Massage-Table-with-Backrest-BlackThe Saloniture massage table is a fantastic option for amateurs and professionals alike. This model is made from hardwood and it has a very nice design.  All the table accessories fit in nicely in their allocated spaces, along with the deck is quite comfy.A fantastic thing about this massage table is the fact that it’s very easy to transport.  This model weighs just over 30 pounds and it’s quite simple to fold and unfold when needed.The nylon carrying case will permit you to carry the massage table easily, which may be an advantage for people with a short and slender figure.

3. EARTHLITE Harmony DX Portable Massage Table Package

EARTHLITE-Harmony-DX-Portable-Massage-Table-Package-–-Eco-Friendly-Design-Deluxe-Adjustable-HeadrestEARTHLITE Harmony DX Portable Massage Table PackageThe Earthlite Harmony is a very good model that offers an all-in-one solution to the massage parlor.  This version has an adjustable height, and it includes a very comfortable deck.  The massage table is simple to set up and fold, and the majority of people will be able to set it up quickly once they are used to the procedure.Among the advantages of using this version is that it’s very durable.  The massage table comes with a full size piano hinge which folds and unfolds without squeaking, and also its support cable system is rated at 1,000 pounds.This is a very good model which can be used by professionals and amateurs alike.

4. Master Massage Balboa Pro Portable Massage Table

Master-Massage-Balboa-Pro-Portable-Massage-Table-Package-30-InchMaster Care Balboa Pro Portable Massage TableIf you’re trying to find a massage table that offers you the possibility to supply a comfortable massage experience for your customers, you should take a closer look at the Master Massage Balboa Pro. This massage table comes with a small-cell foam decking that is covered in oil and water-resistant upholstery, and it may support a working weight of 650 lbs.The massage table legs and frame are made out of hardwood, and also their hi-gloss finish complements the upholstery and also looks great with any decoration.In general, this massage table looks quite professional, and it’ll offer a comfortable massage experience.

5. EARTHLITE Avalon Portable Massage Table

EARTHLITE-Avalon-Portable-Massage-Table-PackageThe Earthlite Avalon is among those best-rated massage tables available today, and it’s easy to see why. This massage table is made from hardwood, it’s stable, comfortable, and it comes in a huge array of colors that will make it fit directly into your home or parlor.A fantastic thing about this version is that it’s not too heavy.  Most people will be able to transport the massage table with ease, and the nylon carrying case spreads the table’s weight between your palms and your shoulder, easing its transport.All in all, this is among the best massage tables at its budget.

6. BestMassage Burgundy Premium Portable Massage Table

BestMassage-Burgundy-Premium-Portable-Massage-TableBestMassage Burgundy Premium Portable Massage TableThe BestMassage Burgundy massage table is a fantastic version that comes in a decent price. This massage table is made out of beech hardwood, and it comes with a great deal of helpful accessories, such as an oil pouch plus a fitted cotton sheet.One of the benefits of selecting this massage table is the fact that it comes at a fair price.  That is precisely why this model could be a great fit for massage enthusiasts, students, or individuals who want a massage table they can use in the home.Overall, this is a good massage, especially in the event that you take the price under consideration.

A Complete Buying Guide For Portable Massage Tables

They have various sizes, use decks made out of different materials, and their frames are made from different substances.

In the subsequent section, we clarify how each attribute influences the massage table’s functionality, and how each can affect your and your client’s massage experience.

portable massage table

How To Choose The Best Portable Massage Table For You And Your Clients

Each of these has different advantages and disadvantages, but there is certainly a version out there that will match your requirements and provide the ideal experience for you and your clients.

After reading this short purchasing guide, you should have the ability to generate an informed decision on which massage table model can be helpful for your particular wants and demands.

  • Size
    The size of the massage table not only affects the maximum dimensions of your clients, but in addition, it impacts the table’s portability. Sure, larger massage tables will allow you to accommodate more customers on your desk, but they’ll also be more difficult to control and transportation.
  • Table Length — The period of the table decides how tall an individual can be and still enjoy a massage. If the customers are tall and the table is too brief for them, their legs may hang outside the edge of their table, making the massage session uneasy.
  • 73″ — The standard length of portable massage tables is 73″. This span is used by many manufacturers because it provides the best balance between lodging capacity and portability. Sure, you may find a customer or two that are taller than 73″, but should you buy a face cradle, the table length can be extended up to 82″, which will accommodate most people living in your region.
  • Shorter Than 73″ — Some producers choose to develop massage tables which are shorter than 73″. These models are lighter, so you’ll be able to transport them from 1 place to another with less difficulty. You might consider the missing inches a downside, but the face cradle can be very helpful. If you bracket a face cradle on those versions, the length of the tables may be extended to 77″, making it appropriate for most people.
  • Longer Than 73″ — Other manufacturers create massage tables which are 73″. These versions are thicker, so they will be more challenging to transport. The additional two or three inches may not seem like much, but they can add enough weight into the table to allow it to be uncomfortable. However, if you know you are going to have a lot of tall customers, these models may be convenient.
  • Table Width — The diameter of this table determines how large an individual can be and still fit comfortably on your massage table. If the massage table is too slim for your customers, the massage therapy will not be comfortable for them.
  • 28″ — The normal breadth of portable massage tables is 28″. This size is considered wide enough to accommodate many customers while still allowing you to achieve them and transfer the table easily. If you notice you have multiple clients who would be better treated if you had a wider table, then you can always mount winged arm extensions onto your massage table
  • Narrower Than 28″ — Many manufacturers create massage tables which are thinner than 28″. While these tables will certainly be simpler to carry from 1 area to another, they could be too narrow for the larger customers to use. Sure, you could mount winged armrests on this sort of tables to expand their width, as well, but some folks might find it tough to turn from 1 facet to another to a narrow massage desk
  • Wider Than 28″ — Other manufacturers create massage tables which are wider than 28″. While the extra inches will make the table more suitable for larger customers, they will also add a couple of pounds to the table, making it more challenging to transport. Though this kind of massage tables may be more challenging to transport, they offer a fantastic solution when you’re planning to have a lot of older people as customers. However, you should avoid purchasing a wide table when you’ve got a short and slim build because you’re have a hard time carrying it, and you’ll find it tricky to achieve its centre.
  • Adjustable Height — All of the massage tables we examined have an adjustable height. Their legs come with numerous holes you can use to adjust their height, thus adjusting the table general height at the process.No thing which type of adjustments you decide on, you should be able to adjust your massage table’s height in approximately 3 minutes or less. You may select between two types of adjustment methods.
  • Twist Knobs — Most wooden massage tables come with this kind of adjustment method. Some of them come with just one twist knob, while most come with two of these. Though adjusting the table height may take more using two knobs instead of one, the 2 knobs will provide more stability to the table, particularly once you place it at its greatest setting.
  • Telescopic Adjustments — Telescopic adjustments are usually used on aluminum massage tables, but you can sometimes find them in wooden tables too. These adjustments are extremely simple to use. To change the legs’ height, you simply have to press the button, either stretch or reduce the period of the leg, and release the button.
  • Massage Table Frame
    massage tableThe framework offers the table its own firmness and durability, but in addition, it plays a role in its aspect and functionality.
  • Wooden Frames — Wooden frames not just look nice, but they are also very secure and durable. Wooden frames are also more inclined to produce noises throughout the massage session, particularly in the event that you treat a thicker client or you are actually leaning in on them.
  • Aluminum Frames  Regrettably, they probably formed a bad opinion on low-carb aluminum frames, and they do not distinguish between them and the higher end ones. The main benefit of aluminum over wood is that it’s lighter and stronger. A aluminum massage table will provide the same working weight as a wooden table, but it is going to be lighter by at least 4 lbs. But you ought to know that low-quality aluminum tables still exist, and you need to avoid them. If the table has cheap plastic joints or uses plastic rather than the steel support wires, you should not purchase it.
  • Table Weight— If you’re searching for a portable massage table since you truly want to make regular call appointments or appointments to your clients, the table weight should be one of your first concerns.Massage tables come in different weights, and the weight is more often than not disproportionate to the cost. The higher the cost, the lower the table’s weight.Your customers will not necessarily be found on the first floor. A number of them might live or work in buildings which don’t use lifts. You’ll have to carry the massage table out of your car to the customer’s location with the power of your arms and back. And should the massage table you choose is heavy, then you might soon need regular massage sessions .If you want a light portable massage table, then you ought to go for a high quality aluminum one or a high-end wooden model. Regardless of what you choose, both these options will probably be expensive.You might also invest in a small trolley to push your massage table in front of you instead of carrying it all the time.However, if you plan on utilizing the massage table at your home then the weight doesn’t really matter. You’ll end up adjusting the table’s height from time to time, but that’s about it.
  • Working Weight – In other words, the functioning weight represents the most weight the table can hold. Remember this is not the burden of the client alone. So if your massage table has a working weight of 300 lbs, you won’t be able to take care of a customer that weighs 300 pounds unless you sew them using a feather.Each time you are massaging, you’re leaning on the table, so part of your weight is going to be distributed on it, also.You should also keep in mind that every time your clients turn, they are inclined to use their elbows and knees to help themselves. These joints act like veritable pressure points, and instead of dispersing the weight across the whole surface of the massage table, the whole weight is actually dispersed in maximum 4 points at a time. You need to help your clients when turning to prevent this circumstance.
  • Static Weight — The static weight is the burden that the manufacturer used to check the strength of a massage table. Now, this weight isn’t helpful for you in any manner. Sure, your table withstood a weight of 3,000 pounds that spread evenly on its whole surface once the manufacturer placed it gently upon it with a crane. How can that be great for your clinic?
  • Foam Thickness — The depth of the foam is vitally important since it provides your client comfort and support throughout the massage session, and it also affects how the decking will appear after a few months or perhaps years of use. The kind of foam used is also quite important.
  1. A low-density foam will feel very soft at first, but after a few weeks or months of usage, it will change its shape. This can result in an embarrassing experience for your customers, as their muscles will probably become sore during the massage.
  2. High-density foam is definitely better. This sort of foam is tender, but not as delicate as one. However, this kind of foam will deform and return to its initial form multiple times with no sign of wear and tear.
  3. Small cell foam is a kind of high-density foam that’s even better. This sort of foam provides an increased stability, and it’ll return to its initial shape no matter how frequently you use it. The lower portion of the foam provides stability and the greater part provides relaxation, so your clients will have a great experience. They are even able to fall asleep on the dining table, it’s so comfortable.

The normal foam thickness is 2″. But many manufacturers began using 2.5″ thick foam or even 2.75″ thick.

  • Table Upholstery — There are two main types of materials used for upholstery nowadays.Manufacturers either use PVC vinyl leather or PU leather.
  • PVC Vinyl wig — this kind of leather is similar to what you might discover on fake leather couches. The vinyl looks great, it’s pretty resilient, and it’s rather thick. The substance is water and oil-proof, therefore it is pretty durable. And the best thing is the material has a very low maintenance, and you can wash it using a mild detergent and warm water.
  • PU Leather — This is the closest thing you’ll be able to buy to natural leather. PU leather is a great substitute for natural leather, and it’s quite soft to the touch. The material feels great against the skin, and it is pretty powerful. However, this substance isn’t water and oil-proof, it is water and oil-resistant. Should you spill something on it, it won’t get stained instantly, but it might do so eventually. If you clean it constantly after every massage session, you should be fine, though.
  • Cable System
    Even though the sort of upholstery is an important criterion for most individuals, it actually shouldn’t be. Your clients will more likely never see or feel the leather underneath them since you should always use sheets or covers for hygienic reasons.
    Instead of spending additional money on a single type of upholstery or some other, you could be better off investing them in sheets and protective coverings. These accessories aren’t costly, and they will produce the world of difference for your clinic.
    These wires are usually made from high quality aluminum or steel, and they increase the massage table firmness and strength. The wires will prevent the table from moving sideways or back or forth during the massage session. Some models don’t come with a cable support system. Others utilize a plastic system rather than one made from steel. You should avoid purchasing these models.
  • Guarantee
    — You should always make sure that your massage table comes with a satisfaction warranty. You ought to be able to establish the table and examine it until you decide if the model is right for you or not. You may lose the return fee, but it is much better than buying a massage desk you are not satisfied with.
  • Warranty
    You need to make sure your massage table comes with at least a 1-year guarantee on the frame. An ideal guarantee for the framework would be one for five decades. Anything over this is a bonus. It’s also advisable to look after a version that includes a warranty for the deck and upholstery. These components are not typically covered by the guarantee, but they are the very first things that your clients will come in contact with, so they might show signs of tear and wear sooner than the framework.

 Wood vs Aluminum Portable Massage Tables

As you can see out of our testimonials, some massage tables have been created out of wood, and others are made from aluminum.


  1. Aesthetically Pleasant
  2. Durable
  3. Steady
  4. Recommended By Instructors
  5. Classic Design


  1. Heavy
  2. More Challenging To Fix
  3. More Difficult To Fold And Unfold
  4. Can Squeak

Aluminium Portable Massage Tables


  1. Simple To Fix
  2. Easy To Set Up
  3. Durable
  4. Versatile
  5. Lightweight
  6. Stable


  1. Can Groan
  2. Not Dramatic Searching
  3. Expensive

What’s the Finest Table For My Practice?

best massage tableLocating the ideal massage table to your practice really depends on what your clinic really is.

Individuals who specialize in Sports Massage should look for a massage table that is very stable and that may encourage a heavier working weight. Athletes and those who practice sports are normally not slim and short, so you should put money into a massage table that’s both wide and extended to accommodate more clients.

Individuals who specialize in Reflexology Massage do not have to invest in a massage table which has to encourage a heavy working weight. But they should go for a model which has an average width and length to accommodate a wide array of customers.

Most people who focus on Thai Massage would rather practice it on a mat, not a table. However, if you want to purchase a massage table acceptable for this type of massage, you should go for the versions offering the top working weight.

Should you focus in Shiatsu Massage, then you should opt for the massage tables which encourage a top working weight. Due to the nature of the massage, the table needs to support part of your weight alongside that of the client.

Individuals who exercise Deep Tissue Massage ought to opt for the massage table models that offer a normal width and length in order that they can accommodate more clients.

People who practice Aromatherapy Massage should decide on a very comfortable massage table. They should either select a model which is included with a little cell foam, or one which utilizes a high-density one.

Swedish massage practitioners should go to get a massage table which supports a moderate to high working weight and with an over the average diameter and length. This will allow them to receive a broader range of clients.

Which Quality Level Is For You?

The quality level of your massage table should be reported to your massage proficiency. If you’re only a beginner or an enthusiast, then you should not invest a lot of money in a massage table since it may turn out to be only a hobby, nothing more. On the other hand, those who make a living from massages ought to invest more in their massage tables. They ought to go for the versions which can accommodate more people and those who provide a much better massage experience.

Best Portable Massage Tables Comparison Chart

 Wrap Up

Now that you have read our mobile massage table reviews and buying guide, you know what to search for, so you can readily discover a fantastic version for your practice.

Bear in mind that finding the perfect model for your business does not only mean that you should come across the best lightweight portable massage table. It also means you should find a model that could withstand the job weight you intend to put it through, that’s long and wide enough to accommodate your customers, which is comfortable enough for them to get in touch with you again.

Do not forget that you always have the option to invest in greater accessories, even though your massage table includes some. Occasionally, not every aspect of the massage table will satisfy you, but if most do, you should go ahead and buy that model.


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